Jesper is a 20 year veteran C++ programmer on all Microsoft Windows operating systems since Windows 3.0

Feel free to contact me if you have comments on this site - or on something else, for that matter.


I'm a C++ programmer, but lately I have done quite a lot of web development in PHP, HTML, CSS and MySQL. One of the results is the one you're currently visiting.

Since I'm currently work free, I would appreciate it if you would have a look at my resume. Any and all help in getting a job is greatly appreciated.

I have taken great pains to avoid the use of ECMAScript (JavaScript). Many users do not have it enabled for one reason or another, security being the one often cited. I didn't want to exclude those visitors...

Lately I have created a few websites. The most sophisticated is
#1's of the World, a stamp store. The site is coded in PHP, including the admin part for maintaining the inventory and sales. A MySQL database is used for storage.

I wrote the site for Cindy's business
CJ Creative Marketing, a real estate marketing business. The site is coded in PHP, using a simple form of templates. The templates are merely HTML and PHP files being included when needed.

I have made a website for a stamp collector friend
El Salvador Cancel Database, a place for him and others to collect information on - you guessed it!. The site is coded in PHP, using a simple form of templates. The templates are merely HTML and PHP files being included when needed. I'm using this site as a playground, a place to try out new ideas and techniques. It is using a MySQL database to store the information. If you think there's a corresponding admin site, you're right.

My very first website was
First Issues Collectors Club. I've learned a lot from making and maintaining it. I used SSI (Server Side Includes) in order to make it simple and maintainable. The idea was good, but now that the site has grown it turns out that it is not as maintainable as I would like. The simple template mechanism I use now would be much better, but converting this site would take too much of my time for little gain. Perhaps one day...


First and foremost is being webmaster for the First Issues Collectors Club.

Despite being a C++ programmer at heart, I have come to enjoy creating websites using PHP and MySQL. Perhaps it is the "instant gratification" of quickly seeing something appear on the 'Net. Being a nerd (or geek or whatever you want) I actually like doing what I do for a living. This is why I consider programming as one of my hobbies.


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